About Us

We are an innovative supplier of FMCG products and services in both, private label and branded.  We also offer product solutions and development partnerships to local, multi-national and international food and retail companies.


Procureg8 draws on the experience of it’s local and international alliances to deliver unique, innovative product design, development and service.

Long standing local & global relationships with ingredients suppliers and manufacturers have been nurtured over the last 26 years and this gives us a competitive edge in sourcing product, delivery and price.


Procureg8 and it’s team have the passion and ethics of a family owned business, matched with the resources of a successful global partnership network.

Our Products

Our Services

Product Development:

Innovating FMCG solutions through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge ideation.

Product Design:

Crafting market-leading products with creativity, precision, and consumer-centric focus.

Export Consolidation:

Streamlining global distribution networks for efficient, cost-effective supply chain solutions.

Our Process

Needs Assessment:

Understand client requirements, market demands, and consumer preferences through in-depth analysis and consultation.

Strategic Planning and Development:

Collaborate with clients and partners to devise tailored product strategies, design prototypes, and create comprehensive development plans.

Prototyping and Testing:

Engineer prototypes based on client specifications, conducting rigorous testing to ensure quality, functionality, and market suitability.

Production and Export Consolidation:

Oversee large-scale manufacturing, meticulously managing the supply chain for timely production and streamlined export, ensuring cost-efficiency and global reach.


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